A Stylist’s Tips on Making the Most of Your Wardrobe

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Although getting dressed each day doesn’t exactly look how it used to—and it’ll still be a little bit before we return to that place—we will get back there and get to be excited again about putting on an outfit and showing it off to the world. It’s important that we stay excited about fashion, especially if it’s something that we normally love to express ourselves through.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re just anticipating the moment life returns to normal, getting tired of wearing the same set of sweats everyday, or getting dressed in cute outfits for yourself while social distancing; a stylist’s expert advice can always be helpful.

I can not even begin to count the amount of times I’ve approached my closet—which is overfilling with clothes—and said to myself, “I literally have NOTHING to wear!” I’ve always loved fashion, following trends, and most of…

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