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It was recently brought to my attention that my characters are obsessed with bodies—their own and everyone else’s.

The observation embarrassed me, but perusing the work in question, I had to agree. Numerous sentences are devoted to descriptions of bodies, to what characters think about their own bodies and to how they perceive other people’s bodies. 

“Her private parts were concealed, but to Tasha Jane’s entire body was one massive private part.”

“Her bottom swayed under loose gray sweatpants. She wasn’t fat, but everything about her had relaxed, become loose and acquiescent to gravity.” 

“She had the telltale skin of a redhead; with the slightest wisp of emotion in the air—her own or anyone else’s—blood rushed to her doomed vessels like water to a Bangaladeshi flood plain.”

“After they made love, drowsing in the sheets, he would…

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