Abortion is Essential, Not Elective: How Republican Politicians are Using COVID-19 to Restrict Reproductive Health

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In Ohio, Texas, Louisiana and now Mississippi, anti-choice politicians are using the crisis of COVID-19 to unilaterally ban abortion, with state emergency declarations establishing “essential” services.

Anti-choice politicians often use moments of crisis to forward their political agendas, but this attack on reproductive freedom far exceeds anything we’ve ever seen. 


These state leaders are falsely claiming that abortion is an elective, nonessential procedure—like a facelift or Lasik surgery. Even more horrifying is that enforcement of the order in both Texas and Ohio includes a punishment with up to 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

Using a global pandemic as an opportunity, these regressive law-makers are pushing anti-choice policies on women.

Let me clarify this misinformation: Abortion is an essential component of…

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