Amazon Finds That Will Elevate Your WFH Setup

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Once upon a time, when I averaged one singular work-from-home day a week, I continually dismissed the importance of investing in my workspace. At the time, I was in a small studio apartment and just didn’t see the need to put my money into a place where I would spend such a nominal portion of my week. When our cofounder proposed that we would work remotely at the beginning of quarantine, I remained strong (stubborn) and tried to make my previous setup work without making any adjustments for comfort or functionality. But alas, I have (once again) eaten my words. After months of hopping from the couch to my bed to the floor, moving my setup to an across-the-room outlet once my laptop was near death, and complaining of aches and pains at the end of the workday, I finally bit the bullet and gave a little TLC to a designated workspace.

At the moment, my underwhelming, makeshift desk…

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