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March 20, 1937: Amelia Earhart’s latest adventure nearly ended in disaster today when she attempted to fly to Howland Island, the second stop on her around-the-world flight.

But despite the setback, she immediately assured everyone that once her plane is repaired, she will be airborne again.

She was barreling down the runway at Hawaii’s Luke Field at 7:30 this morning, when, as she calmly put it later: “Something went wrong.”

Though the crash took place near the end of the long runway, far from those who witnessed it, there is speculation that the plane first began to sway due to the sloshing of its unusually heavy fuel load for the long flight, then a tire blew out about the time it hit a patch of wet grass. The convergence of these events caused the plane to veer.

As a wing began to dip precariously, Earhart adjusted the throttles in an attempt to…

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