Amidst Theater Shutdowns, Outgaze Film Festival Highlights Queer and Feminist Artists

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In a year like this one, defined by historic turbulence, finding solace in art—whether it’s television, literature, poetry, films, paintings, music or otherwise—has become a crucial component of trying to survive the everyday of the pandemic.

Yet amidst movie and live theater performance shutdowns, film release postponements, and film festival cancellations, it seems unlikely (even scandalous!) to begin a new venture into arts distribution—given arts organizations are reckoning with the future of their industry. 

Not to be deterred, three artists and film festival organizers in Louisiana decided in fact, this may be the best year to redefine how we make, distribute, consume and share cinema with each other.

Outgaze Film Festival: Free and Online, October 21-31

Funded by Creative Community League based in New Orleans, the Outgaze Film Festival is organized…

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