An accidental breakup at the final dinner party.

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As the other couples start to arrive, Seb tells everyone about his lovely final date and his good friend, the leopard. The men joke that if Stacey saw a leopard she’d wonder how many jackets she could make out of it, which is very funny and also endearing (it isn’t).

“Something is troubling Mishel…” John Aiken observes from his cupboard, and we think it’s probably her failed fake marriage but honestly, we can’t be sure.

But just as everyone is sitting down at the table, John Aiken escapes from his cupboard and presents to the group the ‘Honesty Box’. He leaves it with the couples, alongside a note that says: “HONESTY BOX ONE MORE FIGHT PLS. LOVE SIR JOHN AIKEN. P.S. HI DAD MISS YOU.”

It becomes clear that the experts have enlisted the help of Michael to write upsetting questions designed to break relationships and start sh*t, and he’s very proud of his fine work.


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