An apology letter to my mum now that my girls are becoming teens.

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I was the dream child apparently.

I only know this because it’s what my mum always tells me and brags to my daughters. And that’s before I suddenly wasn’t – but that’s what happens when girls become teenagers, isn’t it?

It could have been all those raging hormones, or that sudden desire to assume my own independence from the woman I viewed as a controlling mum.

Whatever it was, at around 12, I started changing – and not particularly for the better.

I have three daughters, and if that isn’t the definition of karma then I don’t know what is. With two of them embarking on their journey as tweens and teenagers, it seems karma is about to give me a good hard slap for the way I treated my own mother in my formative years.

Like an earthquake ready to explode, I can already feel the tremors in my own home.

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