“An Incredible Breach of Planning and Response”: Feminists Discuss the Insurrection at the Capitol

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Last week, many around the world watched, slack-jawed, as the U.S. Capitol—seemingly one of those most impenetrable buildings in the country—was overtaken by an insurrection, waged at the behest of the president, with the goal of overthrowing the will of U.S. voters. The scene has left many of us reeling.

As we struggle to make sense of how and why this could have happened and we watch Congress take swift action to condemn these acts, the “On the Issues” team has been fielding questions from listeners.

What does the Jan. 6 riot and insurrection at the U.S. Capitol signify for our nation?

How and why could this have happened?

Will the president be impeached? 

How are feminists and frontline activists supposed to process all this?

To begin to answer these questions and make sense of these unprecedented times, Dr. Michele…

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