An online learning expert shares her top tips for homeschooling your kids.

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Because this is a train on which you seem to be fastened, it’s best to just begin. Begin with the first steps for making your home learning space as productive as possible and take each day as it comes because you’ll probably find that you’re doing a much better job than you think.

How to structure your online school day

1. Clear a space at home for schoolwork.

A dedicated space can make studying at home more productive and enjoyable. Choose an area which is comfortable and free of distractions. This basically rules out the middle of the lounge room (in sight of the TV) or kitchen table among breakfast debris.

The focus needs to be on creating a space where you and your child can comfortably hang out for long periods, even if you’re getting on each other’s nerves.

2. Structure will help them steer clear of holiday mode.

If you want to avoid your kid treating this period like an…

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