An opinion on the restrictions around funerals.

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For many of us, a funeral service is a fundamental part of saying goodbye to someone we have lost. 

Inextricably tied to the grief process, they allow us the opportunity to celebrate a life, share memories, express our condolences, release our emotions and sorrow, to grieve and to mourn and to comfort others as they do the same.

Funerals signify the close of a life; the final step in farewelling someone who has been significant to us.

This month, in the space of 10 days, I lost two people very close to me to cancer: my aunt Rosemary, 57, and my dear friend Lauren, 40. And with their losses I found myself facing the process of grappling with this grief in a very different way, in the COVID-19 world.

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With the changes that society has faced due to the pandemic, came changes to the way we hold funerals, and with that,…

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