Are Australian schools closing? Karl Stefanovic grills Scott Morrison.

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Since the announcement was made on Sunday, many parents have brought up the fact that many schools across the county have far more than 500 people in them. It was a sentiment that host Allison Langdon echoed.

“Most schools have more than 500 people in them. These kids are then close together. They go home, they interact with their grandparents. Are we really doing what is safest for the wider community by allowing schools to stay open?” she asked the Prime Minister.

“Where there are individual outbreaks in particular areas, as has been happening in NSW and Victoria, there are arrangements that are put in place specifically for those schools,” Morrison responded.

“Schools are already making changes. They aren’t having assemblies and students will be in classrooms rather than large gatherings in their schools,” he added.

“We also want to ensure that nurses can keep turning…

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