Are Ivan and Aleks still together? A MAFS investigation.

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“I was pulled up a couple of days into the honeymoon and basically told by production that ‘Australia’s going to hate you,” she wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post after her exit from the show.

“You are the next Ines, you’re treating him really badly. You need to at least sleep in the same room’.”

Did Aleks cheat?

In other words… was Michael talking utter nonsense at the dinner party? We wouldn’t put it past him.

But according to fellow MAFS bride Mishel, there may be validity in his comments.

“Michael likes to stir the pot, but he usually stirs the pot honestly,” the mum-of-two told News Corp’s Not Here To Make Friends podcast.

And look, it’s almost like we’ve forgotten the time Michael ‘couldn’t remember’ kissing Hayley, but we’ll move on, shall we?

“So he’s heard something, he’s just relaying it to the rest of the group. The boys are actually very close, they’re…

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