Are MAFS’ Seb and Lizzie together? The rumour that Seb is dating Stacey.

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“It’s extremely hard for her to act like they are still madly in love. She’s putting on a brave face and doing what she’s contractually obliged to, but behind closed doors, she’s distraught.”

While nothing has been confirmed yet, this isn’t the first rumour to suggest Lizzie and Seb break-up before the reunion episode.

Earlier this week, the Daily Mail published images of Lizzie leaving the MAFS apartments with her belongings and driving to her hometown of Newcastle in late November, just days before the final vows.

She was helped by a female producer but no camera crew filmed as she left.

Photos show that not long after Lizzie’s car left, the same female producer was with Seb, who then took off to walk around Sydney for about an hour.

According to the Daily Mail, Seb and Lizzie then returned to film their final vows days later on December 3.

So there we have it, it…

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