Are You Cleaner Than the Average American?

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Cleanliness, like so many things in life, is subjective. While some people can’t possibly relax after dinner if they have a sink full of dishes, others can let their flatware “soak” for hours on end without a second thought. Keeping your home in tiptop shape may be a top priority for you, whereas others accept that we all have a junk drawer or two. One thing we can agree on though is now that we’re spending more time at home than ever before, having clean and organized surroundings is starting to matter more. Especially when it comes time to disinfect surfaces, which isn’t easy to do with tons of clutter lying about.

Basically, spring cleaning feels pretty darn important this year. To make the process a bit more interesting, let’s look at the cleaning habits of Americans. Then we can get to hunting down those aggressive dust bunnies.


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