Are You Too Picky? These Signs Point to Yes

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If you use dating apps or have ever been on a date in the 21st century, you’re probably exhausted from swiping left, and dodging “u up?” from fuckboys or “hey” from boring matches. You don’t feel like you’re too picky (it’s called having standards!!) and when the average dating pool looks like overgrown frat boys suffering from Peter Pan syndrome, it can be easy to blame your lack of a love life on a lack of options, rather than there being something wrong with you.

However, in a world where we make two-second decisions to pursue someone (or not) based on a profile picture, and finding a life partner is like online shopping for a pair of shoes, our standards and expectations have drastically changed over time. Has online dating made us judgmental (I wondered, in my best Carrie Bradshaw tone)? And even worse, is being judgmental hurting our love lives?


What’s the…

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