Ashley Graham Opens Up About “Feeling Like Herself” After Giving Birth

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Postpartum is different for everyone, but there’s one thing most all moms look forward to: getting back to themselves. Of course, the time it takes to feel like yourself again varies for everyone. For Ashley Graham, it took 13 weeks, and she took to her social media to open up about.

In a post to her Instagram account, Graham shared a video of herself doing a yoga flow in her backyard. In the caption she wrote, “13 weeks postpartum and I’m starting to sort of feel like myself again after giving birth. New mamas-how many weeks postpartum are you? What are you doing to feel like yourself again?”

Her post resonated with many mamas and they answered her questions in the comments. Their answers, of course, varied because “normal” looks different for everyone and “normal” after baby may not be the same as it was during pregnancy or even before.

“I think we had our babes a…

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