Ashley Graham States Birthing Partners Are Essential for Laboring Moms

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Hospitals across the country are changing their visitation policies for patients—including for new moms. Pregnant women across the country are scared they might have to go through labor and delivery without their partners. Several women have spoken out against these policies, and now, model and new mom Ashley Graham is adding her name to that list.

Yesterday Graham, who gave birth to her first child Isaac in January, posted a video to Instagram, discussing her feelings on the subject, captioning it, “We Need PPE [personal protective equipment] for Health Care Workers and Midwives. Sending all my love to all the mothers out there right now. I believe having a partner present for birth is a necessity and so does the WHO and the CDC. It’s crucial we help this cause by having PPE available for healthcare workers and midwives so we can protect new mothers, infants, their families,…

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