Barbie Unveils Powerful New Additions to “Inspiring Women Series”

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In this day and age, inclusivity is everything—and brands are taking note, including Mattel. In honor of Women’s History Month in March, Mattel is adding three new dolls to its “Inspiring Women Series.”

The maker of Barbie has taken a lot of strides in recent years to make the doll more representative of all people. The brand has unveiled diversity in body types and a line of gender-neutral dolls. Its Fashionistas line last year was one of its most inclusive ones to date and included a Barbie doll in a wheelchair, as well as one with a prosthetic leg.

Its “Inspiring Women Series,” inspired by real-life women, was initially released in 2018 to honor the fearless heroines of their time. The collection was released with icons including Amelia Earhart, Katherine Johnson and Frida Kahlo, with Sally Ride and Rosa Parks also joining the collection the following year. This week,…

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