Best podcasts 2020 to listen to while you’re stuck self-isolating at home.

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As self-isolation and quarantine increasingly become the reality for more Australians, amid the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve suddenly all found ourselves with more time.

So whilst we all practice our social distancing, perhaps listening to podcasts is just what we need to feel comforted.

Whether they offer us an escape by talking about finding happiness or they discuss the big events of the week in a way that isn’t totally frightening, podcasts can be some of the best company.

Here are all the podcasts Mamamia staff members and readers have recommended for while we are stuck at home.

Chat 10 Looks 3

Chat 10 Looks 3 is a podcast by ABC journalists Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales. They talk about books, television, radio, movies, food, politics and more.

Alone: A Love Story

Alone: A Love Story is a memoir by Michelle Parise about love and heartbreak; she takes listeners through the journey…

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