Best TV shows 2020, the best TV dramas to watch right now.

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Some might say that meditation, exercise or even getting a good night’s sleep is the key to keeping it all together when stuck inside the walls of your own home while social distancing.

But those who are really in the know have already realised that all you need to keep your spirits high is to immerse yourself in some quality dramatic TV shows, shows that will make you less interested in fresh air and more invested in the next plot twist.

From a brutal true-crime drama to a romantic spy thriller, here are six addictive dramas you can watch this weekend that’ll make sure you never want to leave the house again.

I Am The Night

If you like prestige TV dramas that are hooked on infamous true-crime cases, then I Am The Night is your new weekend binge-watch.

This critically acclaimed limited series tells the story of a teenage girl called Fauna Hodel (India Eisley), who was given away at…

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