Breastfeeding Moms Aren’t Getting Enough Support at Work, Survey Finds

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Breastfeeding is a challenge in and of itself, as it can take some time for both mom and baby to get used to the process—add it can get even harder for moms who return to work. Now, a survey is showing that four out of five moms feel that their employers could do a better job of supporting breastfeeding moms.

The survey was conducted by Medela, Mamava and Milk Stork to better understand the challenges that breastfeeding moms face when returning to work, as well as figure out how employers can better offer support during the transition. The survey included over 2,000 working moms and found that 68 percent of moms felt like they didn’t have the time or flexibility to pump (and pump enough breast milk) at work.

Another issue? Many moms felt they didn’t have a dignified space, with only 40 percent saying they had a dedicated lactation space or mothers’ room with a locking door….

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