Can we all please turn our video off?

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With the glut of quarantine memes bemoaning visible hair regrowth on work video calls, it’s easy to forget there are also real issues at play with this newly embraced tech. If you’re an employer marvelling at the seamless transition from face-to-face work meetings to video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts, I invite you to look deeper.

For many employees, video conferencing represents a nightmarish sensorial hit where they are expected to be ‘on’ at all times, use constant eye contact and contribute meaningfully to the conversation while being unable to switch off any senses lest they are seen to be off-task.

Many feel exposed and on show throughout the duration of the video conference, knowing that they can be seen by all at any given time. For all except the most extroverted and neurotypical employee, this leads to exhaustion and a…

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