Cancelling wedding due to coronavirus: How COVID-19 affects weddings.

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Of course, while it’s a shitty situation, the upside is that come the end of the year – or when all of this is over – people will be well and truly ready to celebrate. Those postponed parties are going to be well deserved.

A friend of mine from college, Adam, was in a position to move forward with his wedding in early April – but he and fiancé Rob have shifted it to mid December.

“Rob and I had been engaged for a year before the plebiscite,” he says, “so getting married was a big f*cking deal for us. We wanted the wedding to be a massive, positive, queer community party that really celebrated our relationship and united all of the people that loved and supported us.”

Last week, their guests started getting understandably uneasy. On Friday, the pair sent out an email saying they were still going ahead under the advice of the relevant authorities.

But by Monday this week, all their…

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