Cartoon Collab Centers Black Trans and Non-Binary Youth

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The National Black Justice Coalition and Cartoon Network partnered to release a comic strip that teaches kids about pronouns and respect.

“I wish I had seen this sort of thing as a kid,” wrote one viewer. “I definitely would have come out sooner than I did. I’m glad that this generation of kids are learning these things.”

While most people today would disagree with the adage “children should be seen, not heard,” many act as though young people’s identities are not theirs to articulate. Adults affirm children being expressive through extracurriculars. We encourage them to be entrepreneurs, and teach them to self-advocate. Unfortunately, adults can also limit and restrict possibilities for children.

The stakes around identity affirmation are life-and-death high: Sexism, homophobia and transphobia are pervasive, making it dangerous to be gender…

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