Celebrating Through Crisis: Three Activists Across Generations on What Women’s History Month Means to Them

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March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate women barrier breakers and history-makers both past and present.

Of course, this year, Women’s History Month is taking place during an unprecedented time as our nation reels in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

During this crisis, women—who are breadwinners in half of U.S. families with minor children and are still responsible for the bulk of family caregiving—are bearing a disproportionate burden.

Many workers on the frontlines—nurses, cashiers, domestic workers and farm workers—tend to be women, especially women of color, in already underpaid professions without access to critical benefits like paid sick days or paid leave.

In that sense, it is all the more important to continue to celebrate women’s history and acknowledge women’s worth and contributions to the world, to our families and our…

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