Celebrities We’d Love to See Have a Baby

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There’s lots to love about babies. There’s even more to love about celebrity babies—you get to love and obsess over them from afar without having to deal with any of the hard stuff. Watching the famous couples who have our heart become parents inspires a special kind of fascination (Beyoncé nearly broke the internet with both of her pregnancy announcements), which is why we’re crossing our fingers (and toes!) that the following celebrity power couples welcome a new baby in the (near) future.

Now, we know deciding if, when and how to have a child is not only an extremely personal choice, but also a process that might not come easy to some. Whichever path these celebs take is their own and we respect that—we’re just here to say we either think they’d be great parents (or already are!), that they’d make adorable babies or that we’d shamelessly love to follow…

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