Celebs Are Helping Support Vulnerable Moms With Mother’s Day Campaign

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Mother’s Day is around the corner, and one organization committed to helping moms is launching a timely campaign to help support the moms who need it.

Alliance of Moms is a community of people who work to support pregnant and parenting teens in LA’s foster care system and help them build a positive future for themselves and their children. According to the organization, 50 percent of girls in L.A. foster care experience at least one pregnancy by the age of 19 and their children have a higher likelihood of entering the foster care system themselves.

This Mother’s Day, the organization is running its #MotherUp campaign to help lend more support. The organization is selling a MotherUp tee, the sales of which benefit Alliance of Moms and their work to provide critical support to these young moms. Several celebrities have already taken part in the campaign and purchased a shirt,…

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