Charity pleas for people to adopt a pet amid coronavirus crisis.

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“You have to weigh up your current life circumstances. This is only really relevant for people that have been thinking about it and wondering whether they should adopt,” the television presenter and vet said.

Listen to our full conversation with Dr Chris Brown about adopting a pet amidst the coronavirus crisis here. Post continues after audio.

“You only do this if you have the finances to back it up. But for me, the big bonus of this time – if we can try to find one positive – it’s the fact that all of a sudden we have a lot of time on our hands, we have a lot of ‘home time’ on our hands.”

And, if you can’t adopt, fostering – that is, providing a temporary home for an animal – is also an option that will help animal shelters during this time.

“We’ve had a couple of animal shelters already have to close their doors in the past few days,” Dr Chris Brown…

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