Childcare Costs Continue to Rise So Far in 2020, Survey Says

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The cost of childcare in America is just too high—and it’s still on the rise.’s annual Cost of Care survey looks at how the costs of childcare in America are changing year over year. Their most recent survey looked at responses from 3,848 parents in the United States during the month of May 2020. It found that only 25 percent of families were comfortably able to afford childcare, while 53 percent were somewhat able to afford and 23 percent were unable to afford.

Of the respondents, 82 percent said they budgeted for childcare, but the majority (58 percent) said they started budgeting after baby arrived. Budgeting methods included cutting down on date night and social events (46 percent), relying on family to help with childcare (42 percent) and reducing non-child related household costs, such as gym memberships, groceries, cable, etc. (42 percent).

On the whole, 70 percent…

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