Chrissy Teigen Just Wants a Few Minutes Alone and Every Mom Can Relate

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Any mom to young kids staying inside with her family due to COVID-19 (most likely without childcare) can tell you how difficult (or impossible) it is to get any alone time—and Chrissy Teigen can relate.

Yesterday the model turned cookbook author and mom to Luna, almost 4, and Miles, 22 months, posted an incredibly relatable photo to her Instagram account. In it, Teigen, dressed in a robe, is in her kitchen checking email on her laptop. Followers can see Luna hiding underneath her mom’s robe. Teigen captioned the picture, “If u are thinking about having children, wonderful! But know u can’t do sh*t alone ever again ever.”

For many moms, who are used to their children magically appearing wherever they are (on the toilet, in the shower, eating a meal, cooking a meal, watching TV—and the list goes on), the photo has struck a chord. “Let alone use the toilet by yourself. You…

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