Chrissy Teigen Says Her Daughter Isn’t a Fan of Posing For Photos

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When it comes to photos, apparently Chrissy Teigen’s 3-year-old daughter, Luna, isn’t a fan.

While Luna has appeared on covers and in commercials with her parents before, Teigen states that she often has to provide her daughter with an incentive in order to get a picture. “She definitely hates photos, paparazzi, anything,” the model-turned-cookbook-author stated in an interview with PEOPLE. “She does everything you see on my Instagram for a quarter or a Sour Patch Kid.”

Even so, Teigen’s Instagram is often filled with adorable pictures of her kids on social media—which also often makes her a target for mom shamers. Of course, Teigen is known for her amazing clap backs at shamers and has gotten better at letting them roll off her back. “It’s gotten better for sure. I would love to be able to say that it doesn’t get to me at all but you start to gain this sort…

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