Community Care in the Age of Corona: Dispatches from New Orleans

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“We demand a just recovery from COVID-19 for New Orleans, for the Gulf South, for the country and for the world.” (Shutter Runner)

I’ve taken risks all my life, but never considered myself “high risk” until now. But as a 42 year-old fat, brown, asthmatic, borderline diabetic, I am particularly vulnerable to the potentially fatal complications of COVID-19. My elderly parents—who I am care-taking during this already nearly month-long quarantine—are even more so.

It is heart-breaking and infuriating to bear witness to actions and hear words effectively deeming our lives expendable and disposable. 

This willingness to put marginalized communities in harm’s way—being directed from the highest office in the land—with a willful disregard for our health and well-being, is well known in the sacrifice zone communities all across the Gulf Coast.


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