Coronavirus Australia stage three is next, Prince Charles, ninth deaths.

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Australia’s broadband is only just coping with demand.

As more and more people stay home and as streaming services audiences increase, internet speed is under pressure.

And Australia’s broadband is just holding on, experts say.

Researchers at Monash University have looked at the world’s internet activity and created a global map that details the effect of COVID-19 on internet infrastructure.

To create the map, they looked at the difference in latency or speed issues affecting millions of internet global users since February when many countries entered major lockdowns.

“More people at home means more people online,” Associate Professor Paul Raschky said.

“The situation is not dissimilar to a family trying to make their way through a crowded subway tunnel.”

Although internet quality is still relatively stable in Europe and North America, Dr Raschky claims that regions affected by the virus…

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