Coronavirus cure closer to reality, and all the ‘good news.’

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CSIRO scientists are performing the first stage of testing for two vaccine candidates.

If these tests are successful human trials can begin.

The CSIRO is optimistic we will have a vaccine for COVID-19 in 18 months, and while that sounds like a long way away –  in terms of what’s required to produce a safe, effective vaccine, that’s actually darn good.

5. There’s a heap of Aussie employers looking for workers.

As tens of thousands of Australians lose their job as our country bunkers down to help stop the spread of coronavirus, the good news is there are still some employers desperate for help.

The federal government has launched an online ‘Job Hub’ to connect Aussies needing work with employers.

It looks like most state and territory governments are employing right now, as is every health department.

Here are just a few of the other big businesses looking to do big hires:

  • ALDI
  • Australian…

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