Coronavirus Pandemic Signals a Critical Moment for Women’s Equality

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While we were at work on our Spring issue of Ms. magazine, our world changed suddenly, terribly. As we go to print, we’re still reeling from the tragedy—the increasing number of cases of the disease, the increasing numbers of deaths, the increasing anxiety and feelings of helplessness.

These are difficult times for us all. 

And yet, we continue. 

Because of your long support, we want to update you on where Ms. stands today—and our work in the days and weeks ahead. Specifically, we’re asking you to become a Ms. Partner.

Ms. Partners are a select, dedicated group of Ms. readers and activists who commit to making a special gift to drive our work and support our independent, feminist media in these uncertain times. We will recognize you as a Ms. Partner by printing your name in a nationally-issued special Anniversary Edition of Ms. magazine this…

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