Coronavirus’s Effects on Low-Income Families and the Need for Effective Policy – Ms. Magazine

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Earlier this week, the federal government passed bipartisan legislation aimed at halting the spread of coronavirus and providing U.S. workers with much-needed relief in light of business and office closures and quarantines around the nation.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, Ms.’s reporting is focused on aspects of the virus that disproportionately affect women.

We spoke with Kalpana Krishnamurthy and Kara Carmosino, program director and civic engagement manager, respectively, of Forward Together—an Oakland-based organization focused on social justice and family-focused policy advocacy—about their recommendations for policies Congress should prioritize, the federal government’s mishandling of the pandemic and particular heroes emerging during these troubled times.

Roxy Szal: What policies should Congress members be prioritizing to help women…

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