Couples share how they make it work.

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“I remember we had one particular occasion when we’re at a cafe and someone said to me, ‘That’s very nice of you to take your dad out for lunch.’ I made a joke of it and kissed Pete. They were a bit like, ‘What?’ We make a joke of it because for us it doesn’t bother us, but we’re quick to correct those people.”

The couple met at church when Pete was still married to his first wife. They both explained the attraction had nothing to do with each other’s physical appearance but because of their personalities and what they had in common.

Pete explained that his only concern about his relationship is his son being bullied.

“I love Thomas like there is no tomorrow. It does play on my mind. I worry about the fact that he may be bullied because I am much older than his friends’ fathers. But there is not a lot I can do about it,” he said.

The next couple, Leokardia and her husband Des, have a…

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