COVID-19: A Black, Queer, Feminist Grounding and Call for Self and Community Care

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It’s only March and this year has already proven to be one for the record books.

In only three months, we’ve found ourselves inundated with 24/7 presidential election year news coverage. We collectively grieved with the family of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and all those who passed away in the horrendous helicopter crash in January. We also all have our own personal goings-on that we’re constantly navigating: raising families, changing jobs, moving to new locations or caretaking. We all experience our own personal stressors while also processing cultural moments of unrest and trauma.

And, now, we are facing a more life-threatening, novel and anxiety-inducing worldwide health pandemic: coronavirus or COVID-19.

At times of great uncertainty like these, I remind myself that my Black, LGBTQ+ and female ancestors constantly experienced moments just like the current one…

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