COVID-19 Policy Takes Steps to Advance Gender Equity—But These Are Only a Start

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“The national policy response has featured a handful of provisions that aim to advance gender and economic equity, both federally and in some states,” write Weiss-Wolf and Morrison. “Good news? Sort of.” (Gilbert Mercier)

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed life as we know it—ravaging public health, crashing global markets, shuttering local businesses and bringing the cadence of daily life to a halt. 

Contrary to the notion that the virus is a great equalizer—a claim made by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo at his daily briefing, and echoed by Madonna on Instagram—this crisis surely has a disparate impact on marginalized communities.

This includes women, who are among those least likely to weather the uncertain economy and most prone to absorb its collateral harm. 

The national policy response has featured a handful of provisions that aim to advance…

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