COVID Financial To-Do List: 7 Things You Should Consider Doing With Your Money

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We’ve had a tough past few weeks, and it’s likely that we have a rough road ahead of us as well. Your health and safety is undoubtedly top of mind, but with scary headlines about a recession, you might also be worried about your money.

While you can’t control the stock market or your employer, there are still things you can do to take control of your money situation right now. 


1. Brush up on new relief options

While things are tough—and getting tougher—there are a lot of safety nets in place to help us all through this (and hopefully more to come). What’s important is to know where to look for help when you need it. 

  • If your income is reduced: If you are laid off, had your hours reduced, need to leave work to care for your child, or can’t work because you’re ill, your state unemployment may be able to help. Many states are bringing in emergency measures to help…

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