Cruelty takes a back seat in Netflix series.

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“The reality is many of these animals will only ever see the world through metal bars, they will only ever feel hard concrete beneath their paws, and they will never get to experience their most basic predatory instinct – a hunt,” Pearson said.

“Instead, they are taken away from their mothers as tiny cubs, forced to interact with people or perform tricks.”

Tiger breeding breeds suffering.

Tigers that are bred for the entertainment and traditional medicine industries endure a lifetime of cruelty and abuse in captivity.

In the cases of Joe Exotic and others featured in Tiger King, tigers are bred for money-making through selling, selfies and petting.

Captive tigers are constant victims of irresponsible tourism and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their suffering has only increased as the demand for selfies and photo-sharing on social media has grown.

Removing a cub from its mother – as…

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