Did Aleks and Ivan have sex? The Twins recap MAFS’ big sex lie.

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He says he’s been told by Aleks that she and Evarn slept together, which he finds unfair because why won’t you tell the group/the producers/all of Australia the intimate details of your sex life??? It seems dishonest?? And Michael is a big advocate for honesty ever since he cheated on his wife and lied about it??

Michael has decided the only noble thing to do is to bring up this information at the dinner party, even though, according to him, neither of the people involved want it made public. While it’s clear that there is no moral incentive for Michael’s plan, we genuinely appreciate his dedication to sharing gossip with us, the people. It also upsets the experts and we like that very much.

Watch: MAFS’ Aleks on what actually happened on her ‘date with another man’.

HUSH NOW it’s dinner party time and Seb and Lizzie arrive first. There’s no one currently present to yell at about the…

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