Director Dad’s Reaction to Job Candidate With Kid in Her Lap Should Be Standard Everywhere

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In the COVID era, it’s more important than ever that employees and prospective employees alike feel supported in the workplace. Luckily, one dad ensured just that.

When DJ Cervantes, a Boston-based director of talent management and performance coach manager, had a video interview with a candidate who lacked childcare, he knew he had the chance to take the initiative.

As the mom’s camera turned on and he saw her scurry her kiddo off her lap, DJ, a dad himself, smiled and gave her two options: they could reschedule the interview for a better time, or they could continue with her child on her lap. When she decided to keep her child on her lap for the interview, an idea came to him.

The dad, who also lacked childcare, called his 3-year-old into the room to sit on his lap for the interview. In an inspiring LinkedIn post, he shared the impact it had on the candidate and the…

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