Do you make noisy or quiet decisions?

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We were too, so we asked Amanda Gordon, Armchair Psychology Clinical Director and Endorsed Clinical and Health Psychologist, for her advice.

“When there is a lot of extraneous noise, like pressure to make a decision quickly or conform to a certain standard, that kind of decision-making is very different to the reflective decisions that can take time,” she told Mamamia.

“Quiet decisions are always going to lead you to feel more confident that you’ve made the right decision. Take some time everyday to quietly reflect on what you’re doing and what’s important to you, and you’re more likely to make good decisions.”

While Gordon says it’s important to consider other people’s needs when making some decisions, she ultimately asked, “why should another person’s needs supersede your own?”

“Unless you know yourself well, you won’t know how to make a good decision…

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