Does Size Really Matter? We’re Breaking It Down

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Quite possibly one of the first things you ever heard about sex had to do with the size of a guy’s penis. From the big feet and hands test to height, the size of someone’s penis is quite the topic of discussion. Lest we forget the rise of “BDE” just a few years back! It’s a cultural phenomenon between both women and men to debate the size of a male’s penis. 

There’s a cultural perception that bigger absolutely feels better, but is that actually always the case? I spoke with Christie Federico, Relationship and Sexual Empowerment Coach; and Searah Deysach, owner of online sex shop Early2Bed, (and retail store if you’re in Chicago!), to get their insights on if size actually matters when it comes to sex.

Our societal opinions about penis size originate probably before you even ever have sex. Federico explained that most of us learn about sex from mainstream porn…

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