Dolly Parton Is Reading Bedtime Stories to Kids to Help Tired Parents

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Parents everywhere are tired. Coronavirus has turned life as we know it on its head, and many parents are now not only juggling their full-time jobs, but also trying to homeschool their children at the same time. Now, to help make their lives just a little bit easier, Dolly Parton is introducing “Goodnight with Dolly,” a weekly video series in which she’ll read bedtime stories.

The series, which collaborates with Parton’s “Imagination Library,” is expected to last 10 weeks and will kick off Thursday, April 2 at 7 pm EST. In it Parton, who refers to herself “The Book Lady,” will read books that, “focus on comforting and reassuring children during the shelter-in-place mandates,” according to a press release. The books include The Little Engine That Could, Llama Llama Red Pajama and two of her own kids’ books I Am a Rainbow and Coat of Many Colors.

“This is…

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