Eleanor Roosevelt Pushes JFK to Put Women in Top Jobs (March 13, 1961) – Ms. Magazine

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March 13, 1961: Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt called on President Kennedy at the White House today, and gave him a three-page list of women he should consider for top jobs in his now 52-day-old Administration.

Thus far only nine of his 240 appointments have been to women, and none of the nine were chosen for Cabinet rank or high policy-level posts. The two had an extended discussion, lasting half an hour, but what else they may have discussed was not revealed.

When asked by a reporter if Kennedy had failed to appoint enough women, Roosevelt diplomatically replied: “Some people feel that way.”

One of those who has expressed that view is Emma Guffey Miller, a member of the Democratic National Committee since 1932. Last month she wrote to the President saying: “It is a grievous disappointment to the women leaders and ardent workers that so few women have…

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