Erykah Badu’s Quarantine Concert Series Shows How Black Women Continue to Innovate

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“In an uncertain and anxiety-ridden world, Badu’s Quarantine Concert Series was a true beacon in a dark March,” writes Doaks.

The news and fallout of coronavirus has shifted everyone’s mind to basic needs and quite honestly, survival. Between the loss of our female presidential candidates and pandemic news, it felt to me as if Women’s History Month had been hijacked this year.

That is until singer-songwriter Erykah Badu’s quarantine concert series, “Apocalypse One” was announced.

Badu—whose also known by aliases Badulla Oblongata, Sara Bellum and SHE ILL—has always been musically innovative. However, she truly became an Analog Girl in a Digital World with the launch of this series. My expectations were building from the moment the initial teaser dropped on Instagram—especially since she’d be streaming the concert live from her bedroom in Dallas and…

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