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Leggings are like pizza: really bad pizza is still pizza—but we all know that a lot can be wrong with both.

Actually, I’d say it’s more likely that a pair of leggings have more wrong with them than right. They can be a little see-through, fit weird in the crotch, not be high-waisted enough, slip down while you walk—the list goes on and on.

About two months ago, in a fit of pulling my leggings up in bunches like a pair of tights to prevent them from slipping, I made a proclamation: “I want to find a great pair of black leggings!” The next day, I surveyed our office to find out which black leggings each of our editors swore by. A few recommended a pair from Amazon, there was one faint shout about a pair from American Eagle, but there was no clear winner.

The next day, I was sitting on the train in the morning aimlessly scrolling through my phone. Then, like a message from…

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